Skorpion Security Inc

   A full service Security Consultation firm specializing in Countering Corporate Espionage, Industrial Espionage threats, and Counter-Intelligence. Providing Security Assessments, Audits and Facility Penetration Testing.
Corporate Espionage Specialists
"In 2006, U.S. security experts estimated that industrial spying costs global businesses more than $200 billion a year"

 Skorpion Security, Inc.

   Most security consultation firms are based upon the law enforcement "Think like a cop" politically correct philosophy...."in studies most criminals do this".."they always go through the window". How many P.I's, cops, security consultants ever try to break into a facility?... or try to steal your files? Probably none.

   That's where we come in, Skorpion Security's philosophy is based upon the criminal element. "Think like a criminal"....   " How would I get in if I was being paid $50,000.00 to steal this companies data?"

  As such our consulting, assessments, reports and recommendations are based upon this approach giving you the most secure facility available. One that was tested or "cased" by a criminal.

Corporate Espionage

Who is susceptible to corporate espionage? Any company that has and/or engages in the following:

Price Estimates
Request for Quotation
Request for Proposal
Customer Lists
Product Design
Product Development
Unique Processes

 And last but not least, any company with....competition. 
Corporate Espionage

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